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Customer Success Adventures in Customer Success!
Video presentation on Customer Success and it's benefits. Some examples to what I've done to make sure that customers are comfortable, supported, and successful!

benJi Guide to the perfect Taco Club™

Web store I designed to sell myself. It was made with Shopify and they contacted me saying they loved the idea and were going to have applicants create a store as part of their application.
Instructional guide for having the perfect Taco Club™ (with pictures)

PARTY Calculator Slide Out Menu
Learning some JavaScript! First project, a calculator. But I decided to spice it up a bit. A pop-out side menu in JavaScript. I really enjoyed this and love the look.
Will definitely use it in the future.

Bangs The Grates
I could explain it, but it still wouldn't make sense. Video compilation from when Aussie band The Grates were on a North American tour. This is from the commemorative CD-ROM (!!!) I put together.

Requiem For A Day Off
Video I made for fun. It was showcased on VH1's "Best Week Ever" and exploded to over 300,000 views! Considering the top video on YouTube at the time had about 10 million views, this is the equivalent of 185 million views today : o   

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